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Did you ever think that you could go on a cruise and raise funds for your charitable organization at the same time?  Now you can!  Jeff and Krista Olsson of CruiseOne-Franklin have developed a unique program exclusive to our agency that combines the advantages of group cruising with their philosophy of giving something back to the community in which we serve.  This is a three part approach to raising funds that we have found to be very effective and very fun at the same time!


General Group Overview- In order to understand how our program works, you must have a basic understanding of a group booking.  Generally speaking, most cruise lines consider 8 cabins or more to be a group.  As you can imagine, the cruise lines love groups.  It brings in large numbers of people who usually have some type of affinity relationship to their cruise line.  As a reward, (or enticement depending how you want to look at it) the cruise lines offer amenities to their groups that they don’t offer to individuals.  Each cruise line, ship and sailing date will have different amenities offered depending on the demand for that particular sailing.  If demand is light, many amenities are offered.  If demand is strong, then sometimes no amenities are offered.  Examples of amenities offered include:  Wine or champagne, fruit basket, dollars off per stateroom, shipboard credits, one or two category upgrade, a cocktail party for the group, etc.


In addition to the amenities the cruise lines offer what is known in the business as a tour conductors’ credit or TC for short.  Policies vary by cruise line but generally speaking for every 8 cabins booked the cruise line will award one “berth” or TC back to the travel agency.  16 cabins would earn two “berths” or TC’s and so on.  Although the TC is the property of the travel agency, we usually return the TC or a portion of it to our group leader as a thank you for bringing us the business.  The TC or TC’s may be used in one of the following manners:


1.  Someone in the group, usually the group leader cruises for free.

2.  The TC can be used to purchase additional amenities as described above.

3.  The TC can be used to lower the cost of the cruise for the entire group.

4.  The TC can be used to provide someone from our agency to personally escort your group to handle  all of the little details while on board the ship, which frees up the group leader to relax and enjoy the cruise.

5.  The TC can be converted to cash dollars to help raise money for the organization.


Fundraising Overview- Now that you have a general idea of how groups work you will be able to understand our program for fundraising at sea.  If you understand the tour conductors credit, then you will understand our three part method to generate money for your organization:


1.  We allow our fundraising partner to mark up each passenger’s booking and we donate the entire

     markup to the organization.

2.  We donate the value of the tour conductor’s credit to the organization.  (Some limitations apply.)

3.  We donate $35.00 per cabin for less than 7 night cruises and $50.00 per cabin for 7 night or longer



Here is an easy example of the type of money that we could generate for a small group:  Let’s say that we find a 7 night cruise with attractive pricing, a great itinerary and good amenities.  This particular cruise costs (we’ll use round numbers) $1000.00 per person.  If we form a group and book 24 staterooms, and mark up each passenger’s booking $200.00, what type of money will we be able to generate for your organization? 

24 cabins X $200.00 per person mark up...............................................$4800.00
24 cabins divided by 8 equals 3 tour conductors credits.  3 X $1000.00 =   3000.00
24 cabins X a $50.00 donation from CruiseOne/cabin  =                           1200.00
                                                                                        TOTAL      $9000.00 

What a great way to go have fun and raise money for a good cause!!!  But wait, it gets better.  48 cabins would generate $18,000.00  72 cabins would generate $27,000.00 and so on.......

There are many different ways that we can structure a group cruise. The best way to explore this fantastic method is to call us at your convenience.  1-800-591-SAIL(7245) or 1-615-591-7245.

What you can expect from us:
1.  We will
discuss your goals and objectives with you to determine the feasibility of your request.
2.  We will verify the legitimacy of your non-profit organization.
3.  We will actively search the marketplace for the best available cruise that fits your needs with maximum amenities offered by the cruise lines.
4.  We will help you with a marketing plan or a call to action to help you generate interest in your fundraising cruise.
5.  If we have space available on our website, we will give you an entire page (like this one) to help you promote your cruise. 
6.  We will provide custom made flyers that you can duplicate to help promote your cruise.
7.  We will provide you with a letter of agreement formalizing the pricing, categories of staterooms,   deposit requirements, and amenities offered.
8.  A presentation from us to your group explaining how all of this works and how it can benefit your
     organization. (Geographically permitting.)

What we expect from you:
1.  A highly motivated group leader(s) willing to promote the group.
2.  A poll from your group on the type of cruise desired including pricing, budget contraints and goals for raising money.
3.  A comfortable willingness of the group to be flexible on the choice of the cruise line, itinerary and sailing dates.  (You can’t please all of the people all of the time.)



We also work with companies like Wheeler & Associates who provide a broad range of fundraising resources for nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. They have over 10 years of experience in working with capital campaigns, donor qualifying and strategic planning services. 

For more information visit 

At our agency we pride ourselves in giving back to our communities.  We would not be in business without you!  When we decided to get in to this business, a very wealthy mentor of ours told us, "Don’t think about how much money you can make.  Think about how much money can pass through your hands to benefit others."  Very wise advice indeed.

We hope that you sincerely consider cruising for charity as a viable option for your organization.  Please feel free to call
CruiseOne at 1-800-591-SAIL(7245) or 1-615-591-7245.  Ask for Jeff or Krista and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.


Jeff Olsson and Associates



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